Footprint-Compatible Family of Highly Integrated Digital PowerSoCs from Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Footprint-Compatible Family of Highly Integrated Digital PowerSoCs from Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

To address growing FPGA and embedded system power challenges, Intel® offers fully digital power converter solutions from the Intel Enpirion® Power Solutions series.  This family of products delivers the power performance, programmability, telemetry, efficiency, and power density needed to get the most out of high-performance embedded systems – with the same simplicity and ease of use that is standard with all Enpirion PowerSoCs.

Optimized for Powering FPGAs

  • <0.5% accuracy and <1% ripple exceed FPGA static power requirements
  • <3% transient deviation exceeds FPGA dynamic power requirements
  • Defined, designed, and validated as a complete solution with Intel FPGA systems

Optimized for Ease of Use

  • Highly integrated form factor and pre-loaded with configurations optimized for performance and cost trade-offs enables the benefits of digital power without the complexity of digital power design
  • Intel Enpirion Digital Power Configurator graphical user interface tool enables designers to program, test, and customize any Enpirion digital PowerSoC with a single, comprehensive tool
  • Family of footprint-compatible options for 20A, 30A, and 40A enables maximum design scalability, reuse, and flexibility

Optimized for Board and System Design

  • Reduce bulk capacitance for a more compact, reliable, and cost-effective design
  • High efficiency and excellent thermal design with no thermal de-rating eliminates the need to oversize your power supply or use a bulky, expensive heat sink
  • Small 360 mm2 total solution size enables compact PCB design and closer placement to the load
Product EM2120x01QI EM2130x01QI EM2140P01QI
Load Current 20A Continuous 30A Continuous 40A Continuous
VIN Range 4.5V to 16V 4.5V to 16V 4.5V to 16V
VOUT Range 0.7V to 5V 0.7V to 3.6V 0.7V to 1.325V
Package 11 mm x 17 mm x 6.76 mm PowerSoC Package (QFN-100)
Total Solution Size 360 mm2
Programmability and Telemetry
  • PMBus™ v1.2 compliant interface
  • Fully programmable and scalable
  • Integrated telemetry (VIN, VOUT, IOUT, Temperature) and system health monitoring